Site Preparation/Excavations/Backfilling

In this area of our business, it takes years of experience to foresee problems and challenges that may inadvertently present themselves in the course of any project. Thanks to our skilled machine operators, all aspects of earth moving such as backfilling residential properties, municipal services, securing loose gradients, and site grading are handled efficiently and economically.


In order to service all of our job sites and projects, we own a small fleet of tandem and tri-axel dump trucks and pony trailers. If you don't need a full dump truck load, we have smaller Sterling 360 Mini Dump Trucks available as well.


If you need it demolished - we can do it, plain and simple. Because of our experience in working in environmentally sensitive areas, our site maintenance and disposal techniques are extremely unobtrusive.

Rock Removal

Instead of using traditional methods of rock removal - which can be costly - we developed techniques and methods that have proven themselves to be cost effective and efficient. Our system combines the use of hydraulic hammers, commercial shotgun shell breakers and expansive chemicals that are all precision orientated, thus lowering extraction costs.

Perimeter drainage

We offer a full range of drainage solutions for new homes, renovations, commercial and residential properties. Whether it's an entirely new house or simply correcting a leaky basement, no job is too small or large for our experienced tradesman. We service and install waterlines, sumps, storm drains, and full perimeter drainage systems.

Utility and Subdivisions

In addition to our drainage services, we offer complete underground utility installations, curbing, and paving services in all districts and cities across the Lower Mainland.


Due to the resources that we have at our disposal, rough landscaping has become a natural extension of our day-to-day operations. With the ability to deliver competitively priced aggregates and landscaping materials anywhere, allow us to move your project - at whatever stage it is in - to its final grade.

Innovative Problem Solving Solutions

When your project presents a challenge, let our creative thinking and problem solving find the solution.

Snow Removal Services

When the snow arrives this season, be sure not to be left out in the cold. With a fleet of 13 snow ploughs, salting equipment, dozers, loaders and excavators just a phone call away, our efficient and organized management staff will ensure prompt service at any time during the season. Servicing private roadways, multi-tennant residential/commercial buildings, commercial/retail parking lots and complexes all over the Lower Mainland, let our knowledge help get you out of trouble this winter.